A bit of creativity…

I can’t believe it is nearly three years since we moved here, give or take a couple of weeks. Wow, where has that time gone?

Today the boys have started their 3 month summer holidays and I have finally finished my pin board project inspired by a lilyjean blog post that I spied a couple of years ago. Just a couple of hours work if you have all the materials to hand…or, like me, you can drag it out for several months and have all the bits lying around your kitchen if you need another piece of polystyrene and never quite make it to the D.I.Y. shop!!

Anyway, I can finally say it is finished…hoorah. Bringing a bit of colour into an otherwise rather white kitchen it is already serving its purpose…

To make the pin board I used PVA glue to glue the polystyrene to a piece of plywood to make a sturdy backing. I then cut out the fabric, pulled it tight around the polystyrene and, using a staple gun, stapled the fabric into place. Then I put two small screws into the back of the board and stretched a piece of wire between them. Then all that is left is to hang it in place on a picture hook or screw. Voila!


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